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Where Things Stand at This Moment

The good news is that Dan is alive, and the massive infection in his pelvis and leg has been removed.  The bad news is that there are some microscopic sarcoma cells that have invaded his blood vessel.  Because of the radiation damage to the thigh and blood vessel done by the radiation for the first sarcoma, the vascular surgeon did not dare cut the vein.  They had planned to remove any blood vessel that had cancer cells and sew the good pieces together.   That cannot be now.

The Dr. will talk with the Radiologist in Texas to get more information.  There are several possibilities for ways to free Dan’s body of  cancer cells.  Friday, Dan will be back in the operating room to have the  the wound vac changed.  Dr. O’Donell talked so fast that I could not write down all that he said.  

He said something about the plastic surgeon will do reconstructive surgery Friday to close the huge hole in Dan’s leg and pelvis. He also said that the vascular surgeon is studying Dan’s leg to see if there are blood vessels that are supplying enough blood to his right leg.  The artery with the cancer cells is not carrying much blood to Dan’s leg.  Maybe they can safely remove the cancerous part.  Once the leg and pelvis have been taken care of, the doctors will try to remove the sarcoma from Dan’s lung.  

Everything is “maybe” right now.  Dan’s case is a very unusual one.  However, we hope to arrange special telephone sessions with Dr. Simonton.  He can help Dan along a good path with Guided Imagery.  Please, keep praying that Dan’s pain will improve quickly, and that God will heal all cancer cells in Dan’s body…and leave his body whole.  — Anne and Dan

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Dan is out of surgery. He is alive!  The tumor was removed!  PRAISE GOD!!! I will write more after we speak with the surgeon at 7 p.m., Pacific Time.

The road ahead will be very rough.  Keep praying.  — Anne

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