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Blessed Today

Dan was blessed with a fairly good day today.  It is now 1 a.m., here in San Francisco.  If Dan sleeps, no Medical personnel will come in again until 4 a.m.  They have been in and out of Dan’s room all day and night…doing all the things to help him recover from surgery.  Well, Dan just said that there is something sticking him in the back…and he can’t go to sleep.  I called the nurse for help.  Then, I felt under Dan’s back to find out what was sticking him.  It’s a tiny knot of thread woven into the sheet…and it is pressing on Dan’s tender skin.  The nurse will get something to help him sleep, but when will she bring it?  It is 1:30 now.

Dan had 2 pints of blood during surgery, and had 2 more pints after surgery.  He is receiving pain medication, medication to fight the infection, and oxygen.  The nurses turn him from one side to the other, or to his back every 3 hours.  He is very thirsty, but there is good filtered water for him to drink.  The water from the natural mineral springs in Romania might help him heal faster!

Looking back caused Lot’s wife to turn to a pillar of salt.  Let us look forward, ready to receive the blessings that God has ready, waiting for us to open up and receive.  Dan has been counted worthy to suffer.  We have been through some very dark moments but God keeps us covered by His wings.  Angels in disguise… are helping us keep the faith through prayers on our behalf, and through uplifting messages.  We are blessed. —  Anne and Dan at 2:15 a.m. Wednesday

The Waves Have Many Faces

The Waves Have Many Faces

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