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Today Was Better

Our day was better today..Dan had less itching; an air bed which protects against bed sores; pain medication.  He is very weak, has painful swelling in the area of the surgery, but his appetite is improving.  Further surgery has been temporarily postponed. Barbara B. took me on a lovely drive through the city, & out  to lunch before driving me home!

In my hours of deepest despair this week, confused about “why Dan must suffer,”  I received this message from Dr. Renan Williams, our gifted dentist, in North Richland Hills, one of our dear Christian friends, and one of our constant Praying Warriors.  He gave permission to share this with you.

“Dear Dan & Anne, I do love you and am thankful the both of you are in my life. I am honored to count you as friends and even humbled by the relationship.  I am inspired by your daily lives as you seek to hear the Father’s voice and be obedient…all the while expressing the peace of God in the midst of the unknown. Thank you for your example of faith. My heart aches as you feel the pain this fallen world delivers, and so I ask God to comfort as only He can.

We wonder about the circumstance as is human to do, and want to figure it all out…forgetting that we are in God’s omniscience world with our finite brain. When I go to the “if only” I remember “forgetting that which lies behind” and begin to look forward again thanking Him for His mercy and upcoming grace. This is a choice I make when I find myself in a healthy state,`choosing to please God and not self.

Really, I choose every day if I will live to please self or God.  I have this option.  God is like that, not controlling yet so very patient. I am predestined to experience his grace daily and His perfect healing at the conclusion of my earthly journey. In this fallen world we find ourselves in, this grace and healing is my hope that drives me. The fallen nature of our world allows things like cancer to exist in and among us.


Dan and Anne make the choice every day to glorify God in this fallen world, and as a result, people like me see God a little better. Thank you for making that choice. God has so much to reveal of himself to us every day, and it is people such as yourselves that want to see it. I hope my desire is as strong. You are loved, Renan” 

In the Beginning, God!

In the Beginning, God!

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