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Focus on the Positive

Have you ever noticed that when the sun is shining brightly , there are lots of shadows?  “Yes, though I travel through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil.” How can that be?   You cannot have shadows unless there is light somewhere to cast a shadow. Is it possible in the middle of the darkest hour, Jesus is near? 

Our hours are very dark. Sarcomas are still in Dan’s body. But we choose today to focus our eyes upon Jesus and the many blessings He continues to send our way.  Dan was able to sit up on the side of the bed, then using a walker, walked about 4′ to a chair where he sat to eat his lunch.  He was exhausted, but he had a good nap after that.

His siblings, James, Mignon and Bonny, arrived this afternoon.  They are taking turns helping Dan. Bonny is spending the night in Dan’s room tonight.  I am actually off duty from 3:30 on.  It is so nice.  Friday I have a ride to go visit Dan and his siblings for a couple of hours.  Then, friends will pick me up and bring me back here.  Maybe I’ll take a long nap.  Maybe if the day is rain free, I’ll spend a few hours on the beach. I don’t have any plans!

Meanwhile, the doctors and physical therapists are deciding if Dan can leave the hospital next week- maybe go to a rehabilitation unit for a week or more.  Once Dan is stronger, the doctors will begin to treat the sarcomas still in hi body.

Having fallen asleep  writing the blog, I have been told it’s time to go to bed.  That’s a good idea. God bless yo. — Anne and Dan

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