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Dan May Get to Come Home Today

PRAISE GOD! DAN MAY GET TO COME HOME TODAY!  The battle with cancer is not over – 2 nodules in his lungs, and only God knows if the radiation killed the cancer cells in his leg artery, but he is feeling well, can walk 250′ with a walker, can climb 12 steps and can come back here!  We’re waiting for the “go-ahead” from the chief oncologist!

Please, keep praying that God will remove all cancer cells from Dan’s body, grant him good health, and many more productive years in the Lord’s service.  —  Anne

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Sometimes Reports Are Hard to Read

How can I say this and be kind, or better yet, not look stupid?  The doctor’s 4 page report stated,”A CT Scan on December of 2008 was personally reviewed and we do see the presence of a mass.  We also see the presence of a 14 mm left upper lobe medial nodule in the chest.  The mass is now 10 cm (5″) and appears somewhat more solid.”

In rereading this several times, now I am thinking that sentence about the nodule had nothing to do with the two sentences referring to the mass (which was removed last week).  So, now my question is, “Why did the Dr. not mention the size to which the nodule has grown since the Dec.,’08 CT Scan?”  By saying he sees the presence of a mass, then writing about the 14 mm nodule, then saying the mass is now 10 cm…that threw me into a panic.  

How was I to know the Dr. meant the mass in sentence one was the 10 cm (5″) mass he was talking about in the 3rd sentence. Right now, I am thankful to know that the 5″ mass is gone.  We do know there are two  small nodules in Dan’s left lung.  We do not know the present size, nor what the next step is.

We celebrate that today in addition to walking 250′ Dan climbed 12 stairs!  As far as the physical therapist is concerned, Dan is ready to go home.  However…don’t you hate the “howevers?”  As I was saying, “However,” two stitches on the flap pulled loose.  The flap is leaking body fluid.  It took the nursing staff 3 days to decide there was a problem with the flap…and report it to the plastic surgery team. It would have been nice if we had thought to tell the Plastic Surgeon.

Dan’s siblings go home Monday morning.  I’ll drive to the hospital in the little Geo loaned to us.  And, we will decide minute by minute if we are going to continue to trust God to keep His promises that everything is going to be okay.  II Thessalonians 2:13-3:5 is worth reading.  II Thess. 3:3 says, “But the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen and protect you from the evil one.” — Anne and Dan

Dan the Man Who Climbed 12 Steps!

Dan the Man Who Climbed 12 Steps!

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