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Dan Is Back Home Now

We are thankful to God that Dan was allowed to leave the hospital today…after 23 days and 3 major surgeries.  The children made a huge banner with WELCOME HOME and lots of drawings on it which they hung from one of the huge redwood beans across the living room ceiling. He is so happy to be surrounded by loving family again.  Our first nursing job tonight was to find the leaks in the tape holding the wound vac sponge  in his body. When it has leaks, the machine sounds like a very slow popcorn machine. It can drive you crazy pretty fast!  I held the flashlight so Scott could find the leaks and correct the tape. 

Dan is very thin and weak, but he walks around the house assisted by his walker,”Texas Ranger.” (You know the TV show “Walker, Texas Ranger?”) He will have a Wound Vac RN come to the house 3 times a week to change the sponge in his pelvis and leg.  He will also have a Physical Therapist to help him regain good use of his body, and a Nurse’s Aide to help him bathe.

When we meet with Dr. T. Jahan next week, we will learn what the next step is to rid Dan’s body of the sarcomas still there.  Dan has a telephone appointment with Dr. O. Carl Simonton Thursday for further coaching on using Guided Imagery to help his immune system free Dan’s body of all cancer cells.  We are hopeful that God will see fit to allow Dan full recovery.  God is our Guide, our Healer.  We are tools in His holy hands. May we live so as to bring God’s Light wherever He chooses to send us. — Anne and Dan

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