Another Day Has Passed

March 1, 2009 at 8:25 am Leave a comment

God continues to bless us in the midst of this challenging walk with Sarcoma.  We are excited that Dan can do a little bit more for himself each day.  His appetite continues to be too small.  He lost more weight in the hospital, but our daughter in law is feeding him tasty, healthy meals each day.  Sometimes he can turn himself over.  Other times, he needs help to change positions in bed, or to get out of bed.  He wakes up in the night, needs help, can’t go back to sleep, gets up, reads and prays for awhile. After several hours, he can go back to sleep.  He has to nap several times during the day.  Me?  Let’s see…it’s after 9 p.m., but no chance to rest.

How did I waste my time so that I did not take care of my need to rest?  Let’s see — Dan is so thin; he is cold most of the time.  I used up my afternoon rest time shopping online to buy him a few long sleeved knit shirts, and two lightweight sweaters.  Then there is the the Wound Vac.  It has some air leaks in the tape which is supposed to seal it onto Dan’s skin.  It sounds like a pop corn machine, or someone tapping rapidly on a table.  This morning when the noise was TOO MUCH, I worked for 1/2 hour searching for the air leaks and sealing off a few of them. That slowed down the noise.

Right now, the machine is making about 5 popping noises per second………….. Praise God, our son took on the job this time.  It took an hour to find and seal off most of the places where the tape had come loose.  ( Maybe we can sleep in spite of the slow popping of the Wound Vac.) The stones that are scattered on our path are real distractions from joyful service for the Lord.  

 We are joyful that God loves us, has not abandoned us, is sheltering us with His wings.  But if I understand what Jesus said about be faithful to the end…it’s the being thankful for Jesus’ sacrifice for us, obeying Jesus  faithfully  to the end that is important.   When we surrender ourselves to be tools in His hands, He will help us have the peace, thankfulness, and rejoicing that He so much longs to give us even in the midst of our pain. — Anne and Dan

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