Count Your Blessings

March 2, 2009 at 6:46 am 2 comments

He blesses us daily with His Creation

He blesses us daily with His Creation

Name them one by one…Three men were baptized into Christ this morning during church services. Dan felt strong enough to rest alone in the house while the rest of us went to church. He gave himself his sponge bath and wash his hair!  We were invited to tell how God is busy working in our lives connecting us with excellent doctors here, keeping us connected via Skype and e-mail with our loved ones who are far away, meeting our many needs through His Children here and around the world.  

More blessings – God has given us people to pray for here.  I rested for an hour this afternoon.  When I took time to go for a walk at dusk, Mike G., a friend from church was out walking past our house.  Mike gave me a tour through the “back” part of Montara where I’d not been…where there are many easy streets to walk on.  We saw the alpaca herd, and he gave me a very interesting brief history of the town, the trees, the meadow, the mountain trails.  He also invited me to call his wife anytime to arrange a play time for our 10 year old granddaughter with their daughter.  

More blessings – We’ve had several inches of much needed rain this week!  We had chicken and dumplings for dinner…Dan had two bowls full! The children are all spending the night with friends, so we 4 adults had a quiet evening at home.  I was greatly uplifted by words from Dr. Anna Griffith in her book, IN HIS ARMS.  In speaking about the problem of AIDS, she said, “Before the magnitude of this crisis, we felt that only God’s Word, His wisdom, His leadership, and His power, could be brought to bear in this arena.  But truly, He simply wants us to submit humbly to Him.   The answers lie in His Word.” (from Oct. 5 devotional).  These words of wisdom apply to Dan’s health crisis, and actually to any crisis that may arise in your life.  I repeat, “He simply wants us to submit humbly to Him.  The answers lie in His Word.”  What a blessing! — Anne and Dan


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Another Day Has Passed Thankful for Gentle Rain

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  • 1. Sherrie Hammond  |  March 5, 2009 at 8:15 pm

    These are beautiful thoughts that go with the beautiful photo you view everyday from your window. The mountains and beach are glorious in California. Thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts and photos. Interesting, I was thinking this week about this very same issue, “Count Our Many Blessings.” We have so many blessings from God our heavenly Father. All we have to do is simply look for the good blessings from God every single day . . . count them one by one . . . and we will find good blessings in many interesting places.

    Jesus teaches believers to count our blessings each day and take one day at a time with no worries. God takes care of all believers . . . all the time. Our marvelous heavenly Father does magnificent things. Jesus says, “So, put first God’s kingdom and what is right. Then all the things you need will be given to you. Don’t worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will have its own worries (Matthew 6:33,34-SEB).” That is an excellent idea . . . and we all grow in the “don’t worry about anything” part, don’t we.

    Isn’t that interesting how God’s Spirit connects, moves, and works in all believers keeping us on the same thoughts about His marvelous power, His infinite lovingkindness, and His magnificent majesty? I’m glad we are connected in our spirits and through our prayers. Hugs to you all there.

    Love to you,
    Sherrie H.

  • 2. Sherrie Hammond  |  March 5, 2009 at 8:21 pm

    Oh, I almost forgot! I LOVE chicken and dumplings, too! Ha ha! Steve and I have eaten that wonderfully scrumptious dish recently on very cold, snowy Maryland days. I will think about you the next time we eat chicken and dumplings. [I’m smiling!]
    Love, Sherrie H.


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