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Thankful for Gentle Rain

God has been blessing this area with a gentle rain for several days.  He has also been blessing Dan with gentle, gradual improvement each day.  Even though Dan did not sleep at all last night, he was able to stay awake most of the day.  He took care of paper work that had stacked up while he was in the hospital.

I helped by sorting through the papers, and writing letters to tell people of our change of address. It’s now Tuesday morning very early.  The Wound Vac nurse comes at 11:00 to change the sponge in Dan’s pelvis.  At 13:30, we leave the house to drive into San Francisco to meet with the Plastic Surgeon.  The Dr. just wants to make sure that the flap is healing properly.

We have many doctors’ appointments ahead of us.  For some reason, our telephone appointment to talk with Dr. Simonton did not work out.  We will call again today to set up a new time.  Dan is also going to start seeing a Feldenkrais Practitioner to help strengthen his body, and get his leg to working better.  You can google Feldenkrais and read about the work they do.  Our son, Bob, is an excellent Feldenkrais Practioner in Raleigh, NC.

We are encouraged to see Dan’s appetite improving, and his energy level increasing.  Thank you for your prayers and encouraging messages.  This could be a very lonely road that we are on, but you help us each day.  We feel your love and are strengthened by your prayers.  — Anne and Dan

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