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A Full Day

A peaceful day was hoped for today after having an exhausting afternoon on Tuesday – 5 hours tied up just to let the plastic surgeons see their miracle work, nod their heads, and remind Dan to wear the upper torso support for 6 weeks.  But. no, the Physical Therapist called around noon to ask to see Dan at 2 p.m. The Bather called wanting to come at the same time!  Dan got in 30 minutes of deep sleep before Barry, the PT, arrived.  

Barry had some very gentle but essential exercises Dan must do if he is to continue to use his right leg. Before Barry was finished working with Dan, the LVN arrived to help Dan with his sponge bath.  She did a wonderful job, but said that Montara is too far from where she lives to come again.  I have an idea about how to find someone to help, but I need time and energy to make the phone call.

Cara brought a delicious dinner tonight.  Then, she took me back to her home in Pacifica where I was invited by her 10 year old son to inspect his cacti collection.  It is so interesting!  But what was absolutely amazing was how straight his room was.  I told Cara, “I’d have given $100 to have been able to walk into one of our son’s room on any given Wednesday and found it that neat!”  OK, so it was not perfect…why should a kid’s room be perfect?  He lives in there.  Way to go Josh!

I drove back “home” in Cara’s little Geo that she is loaning us .  As she said, “It is basic transportation, no frills.”  It’s got 4 wheels and a steering wheel, and, oh, yes, 4 seats.  What more does one need???  : > )  Seriously, we are thankful to have the use of a car.  Our California Boyds keep their cars pretty busy.

In her lesson on Relationships and Esteem, Sherrie Hammond wrote something that ties in with the generosity of our California friends.  ““Have the same kind of love for one another which brothers have.  Give each other more honor than you do yourselves (Romans 12:10-SEB).”  “Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, because God is the One who is working in you.  How?  He causes you to want to do what pleases Him.  Do everything without complaining or arguing about it.  Then, you will be pure and innocent.  You will be God’s children, spotless in the middle of a dishonest, evil generation of people.  You will shine among them like stars in the universe (Philippians 2:12-15-SEB).”  “Give honor to everyone.  Love the brotherhood.  Respect God.  And, honor the Emperor (1 Peter 2:17-SEB).”  Complaining and arguing diminish esteem and damage our relationships.  Honor and respect promote good esteem within relationships.”  —  Anne and Dan


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