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Drop Those Burdens

Today was a very challenging day for both of us.  Dan is still recovering physically and emotionally from being in the hospital 23 days, having 3 major surgeries, and still having 2 sarcomas that we know of.  This was the day for the Wound Vac sponge to be changed.  The thoughtful RN phoned an hour before he arrived to remind Dan to take a pain pill to minimize the pain of changing the sponge.

After the RN left, some little air holes in the tape began to cause rapid popping sounds.   It was “driving me crazy.”  Finally, I tried to count how many pops it made in one minute.  There were between 3 – 5 every second.  The RN returned at 4 p.m.,tried to patch the tape that was there, but finally removed all of the morning’s tape, worked very carefully to leave no tiny holes and got the pops down to almost none!  I was praying and praying, “Please, God, guide his hands.  Help him to fix the tape so that there is no noise.”   We were thankful that God’s answer was, “OK!”  We have had a much quieter, calmer day since then.

The message from tonight’s reading in God Calling by A. J. Russell spoke directly to our day.  “Lift up your heads from Earth’s troubles, and view the glories of the Kingdom.  Higher and higher each day see more of Heaven.  Speak to Me.  Long for Me.  Rest in Me.  Abide in Me.  No restless bringing Me your burdens and then feverishly lifting them and bearing them away.”

“No! Abide in Me.  Not for one moment losing the consciousness of My strength and protection….stay sheltered and rest.”

“Look to Me for all…Drop those burdens, and then, singing and free, you can go on your way rejoicing.  Encumbered with them, you will fall.  Drop them at my feet. knowing surely that I will lift them, and deal with each one as is truly best.”

At sunset, I took a walk up to a high hill – there I saw the curvature of the earth where the sea stretches endlessly on and on. As the brilliant, majestic sun spread it’s rays through the clouds and onto the sea, I felt the presence of God lifting my burdens from my back.  Now…will I choose to leave them with Him, and trust Him to deal with each burden as is truly best?  God will help with that too. — Anne and Dan

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