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The Blessings of Sonshine

Today was another sunny, cool day with a rich blue Pacific greeting us each time we looked to the West.  Dan was able to attend church this morning. The lesson and communion service today were especially meaningful, inspiring.  Some of the ladies surprised our daughter in law and myself each with a gift certificate for a massage.  The love and kindnesses being poured out upon us both here and by our loved ones far away is very healing.

After lunch, Scott took Dan for a walk through the garden on a special path he arranged to help Dan get sunshine and exercise.  Dan looked really good when he came inside.  While I rested, Natasha and Dan discussed what furniture we need to make our bedroom more like “home” instead of camping out.  Natasha sketched her suggestions for how she’d arrange the drawers, etc., then drove me to Ikea.  Together, we picked out the wardrobe, chest of drawers, dressing table and chair, and night stand that we need. I never could have done that by myself.  (She says she can put the pieces together herself.)

The changing of the Wound Vac sponge went very smoothly…and quietly!  The nurse today taught us a couple more “tricks” to stop the pop-corn machine sound.  Monday, I hope to get in to see the dentist…one of my teeth that had a small crack in it decided to split.  And so it goes, one challenge after another.  If you stop and think about it, life is full of challenges every day.  With Jesus helping us carry our burdens, the challenges are easier to bear, and there is much more sunshine each day because we choose to walk in the Sonshine. — Anne and Dan

A Sunny June Day in Romania in 2008

A Sunny June Day in Romania in 2008

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