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One Step Closer

This journey seems unending, but today we celebrated one giant step closer to success.  Today Dan met with Dr. Wm. Y. Hoffman, the Chief of Plastic Surgery Department, UCSF, (see photo) who made the miraculous flap to cover the large opening in Dan’s pelvis and groin.  Stop and think a minute…do you realize that there are many outstanding plastic surgeons at UCSF BUT the Chief, the HEAD OF THE ENTIRE DEPARTMENT chose to accept Dan as his patient!  Everything is healing so well that Dr. Hoffman removed all the stitches, and told Dan he no longer has to wear the elastic brace around his torso!  (It will still be 2.5 weeks before Dan can lift anything heavier than 10 pounds.)

There is a small opening at the lower end of the flap where a couple of stitches came loose in the hospital.  The Wound Vac (WV) is taking care of that. To fully inspect his work, Dr. Hoffman had the WV removed.  Ruben, WV Specialist, was waiting for us when we arrived home.  Before reapplying the WV, Ruben helped Dan climb over the edge of the tub to take the first shower he’s had in 5 months. Dan said, “I feel like a new man!”
By the end of March we may know what the next step is to fight the cancer.  Dr. Simonton says that Dan’s immune system has been alerted and is fighting the remaining cancer cells in his body.  He also said that in order for healing to take place, there must be peace in Dan’s soul.  He encouraged Dan to do things that bring him peace and joy, to give his pain about broken relationships to God, and to set meaningful goals for the future.  That’s a good prescription for anyone, don’t you agree? — Anne and DanTwo World Famous Men - Dan B. and Dr. Wm. Y. Hoffman
                                     Two World Famous Men – Dan Boyd & Dr. Wm. Y. Hoffman

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