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A Very Good Day

Last night wasn’t so good what with Dan’s clock all confused.  But today was great!  Natasha knew I had an appointment with the chiropractor followed by an appointment to get my hair “styled.”  So, as I was leaving, Natasha told me I was not to come home until 6:30 (18:30)!  While I was gone, she enlisted the help of the California Boyds who were at the house, and went to work on the pieces from Ikea.  There are now 2 small chest of drawers and a dressing table completed.  All of our “stuff” is scattered here and there.  We have found most of what we need for the night.  : > )

Dan had a very encouraging session with the physical therapist this afternoon. They took a walk outside, and Dan learned new exercises to increase the strength in his right leg.  The Occupational Therapist didn’t show up, but eventually phoned to reschedule.

Tonight I’ll see how much the adjustment by the chiropractor helped my right hip.  I hope to sleep through the night without waking up with my hip “burning.”  My new hair style is rather simple – so simple that the moist, blowing ocean hair really can’t mess it up much.  I’ll know in a few days how I “feel” about it.  

After my hair got chopped off, I went window shopping on Main Street in Half Moon Bay.  I haven’t done that since we left Romania last July.  I ate lunch sitting in the sun on the patio of a small deli, and spent the rest of the afternoon on cold, breezy but sunny Montara Beach.  When I got back to the house, Natasha served us a colorful, delicious, healthy meal. Before she came, I felt as though I was going to “crack.”  Now, today, I had hours to take care of myself…and even do some fun things.  Our God will supply all of our needs, always. — Anne and Dan

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