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Tried by “Fire”

Tonight is moving quickly into Tuesday.  Life is racing by as new health challenges nearly overwhelm us.  We are thankful that Dan’s cellulitis is looking much better tonight.  His right leg is still quite painful, and he is bored out of his mind having to lie on his back with his leg propped higher than his heart.  But the meds seem to be helping.

We had quite a shock today when Dan developed a terrible nose bleed that we could not get stopped.  (His Texas neurologist put him on blood thinners when Dan developed Parkinson’s “just in case” it might be needed to prevent a stroke.) The Home Health RN who is also a Physical Therapist showed up in time, got the bleeding stopped, helped me clean up Dan, and get Dan back in bed.  It was a blessing that I was in the room with Dan when the bleeding began.  Cellulitis has made him so ill that he and his voice are weak.  There was no way for him to call for me if I’d been in another room.  
We meet with Dr. Hoffman, the Chief of Plastic Surgery at U of CA at San Francisco at 1:45 our time, Tuesday.  They are very concerned that the cellulitis not cause Dan to lose the flap.  So far, the cellulitis is not close to the flap…but the flap has raised bumps on it that should not be there.  We don’t know what God’s will is, but we still trust Him even though we are “being tried by fire.”  I’m not ready to lose Dan; Dan says, “I want to live so I can finish my work in Romania.”  God hears us.  We just don’t know what His answer is going to be.  What we do know is that God is God, and He cares about us.  We will continue to honor and follow Him to the end of our days. — Anne and Dan

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