The Fog Evaporated

March 19, 2009 at 7:23 am Leave a comment

We continue to thank God that Dan’s cellulitis is definitely improving.  However, he stays exhausted – a little walking is allowed, no other activity – so he is losing his strength; the antibiotic makes him tired; the cancers in his body may be taking his strength.  We don’t really know why he was so tired today, but he slept off and on most of the day.  Tonight, he made himself stay  awake so he and the children could play Scrabble while I made Southern Banana Pudding.  Hopefully, he will sleep tonight.

One of he best things today was,,,no appointments away from the house! Yes!  No driving long distances to see doctors.  I promised I would get outside.  Dan is still waking up a lot at night, so I don’t get to sleep much.  Waking up at 5 a.m. for Dan’s medicine, we both find it hard to go back to sleep.  But this morning, I did – slept for 2 more hours.

That gave me a late start.  I saw fog beginning to move in over the ocean.  That usually means fog will fill the air surrounding us all day.  While the Physical Therapist was here, about 2 p.m., I drove the little borrowed Geo Tracker down to the beach to check things out.  The ocean was wild, roaring, crashing.  A sharp cold wind was blowing.  But having decided I was going to take a walk, I did just that.  As I walked, the fog began evaporating.  The sun broke through the fog, and suddenly, it was a sunny day!  I found the perfect boulder to lean against so I can sit on the sand and read a few chapters in a book.

Maybe that is a metaphor for our life.  At times, the fog has kept us from thinking clearly, from remembering that God is right here with us.  He carries us when we can’t see through the fog.  I have been wanting to isolate as I grapple with what seems to be a reality too big for us to handle.  Well, again, I’m reminded that it is too big for us to handle.  That’s Jesus’ department – to help us deal with the challenges in our life.  We’re waiting for the Son to drive away the fog.  Meanwhile, we keep walking with Him. — Anne and Dan


Coastal Casual Hair

Coastal Casual Hair


Just Above Me, I Saw the Son Shine

Just Above Me, I Saw the Son Shine


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