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The Dr. Said, “He Won’t Come.”


Just before we arrived today to meet with the gifted Dr. R. J.O’Donnell who did the impossible (removed the “inoperable” sarcoma from Dan’s pelvis and groin), the Dr. told his nurse, “He won’t come.  He’s had a very difficult surgery.  He’s at home lying in bed.”  He was serious!  He hadn’t  seen Dan since Dan left Long Hospital Feb. 25.  You should have seen the smile on Dr. O’Donnell’s face when he saw Dan.  He joyfully said, “Look at that man walk!  He’s walking! He doesn’t need a wheelchair!”

He told us, “When Dr. Jahan said I needed to see this man, I said, ‘Sure, sure.’ But Dr. Jahan insisted.  When I saw the wound…I said, ‘Change of plans!  This is a disaster!  We have to get you into the hospital immediately!”  He said, “I did not know until we got into surgery if I could save your leg. But you’re walking!”  He went on to say, “We still have work to do.  You know you have those 2 sarcomas in your lungs.”

He examined Dan’s leg and plastic surgery flap and declared it good so far.  The cellulitis is improving, but swelling and pain in Dan’s right foot and calf continue to be a problem. Dr. O’Donnnell, looking at me, said, “It will be June before we can do another MRI.  He has had all the radiation his body can stand right now.”

The plan for now is to meet on March 30 with Dr. Jahan who is in charge of Dan’s case to hear what he has in mind for the next step in freeing Dan’s body of cancer, continue check ups with Dr.Hoffman, Chief of Plastic Surgery, do Guided Imagery, and eat what he wants as long as Dan lets me feed him some food that promotes an alkaline system.

Dr. O’Donnell put it very simply, “It’s amazing that you and we got connected!  How did that happen?”  With a big smile on his Irish face, he pointed towards Heaven.  Yes, God brought us together, and, so far, is granting Dan better health. We never dreamed that Dan would be called upon to glorify God through his suffering.  Everyone has illness and will one day pass to the other side.  But with Jesus holding our hand, our life here is better…and our passing will take us to live with Him forever. — Anne and Dan 

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