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Barry, the Physical Therapist and Dan

Barry, the Physical Therapist and Dan











 Barry came 4 times to help Dan learn to walk again.  We were always glad to see him because not only did he help Dan, but he is an intentional follower of Jesus.  You see the light of Jesus shine when Barry is here.

Tonight our California Grandson hugged us each, said “good night,”  and very seriously added, “I’m glad you’re here!”  Each day has some struggle, but the family all help us in many different ways.  What a blessing!

Three times a week, the sponge in Dan’s wound has to be changed.  That involves a very tedious taping job getting the vac hose taped to the sponge in the wound and taped to Dan’s body…doing it without leaving any air leaks.  That normally takes 30 minutes if there are no problems.  Tuesday and today, it took over an hour and a-half to find the problem…there was a tiny pinhole in the hose!  The RN got it almost sealed.  It is supposed to make no sound.  But, there’s about 10 soft pops every minute.  Dan was exhausted, and so was the RN.  This is just part of the life of someone who has to use a wound vac.  The good news is that the 6″ deep hole where the softball size sarcoma was removed is now only about 3″ deep…& healthy.

Tonight was Family Fun Night.  We watched “Firehouse Dog,” a clean, entertaining family movie.  It helped  to think about something besides our challenges.  A message that God keeps in front of us is that the way to measure a person is not by how much money they have.  Your success is measured by God according to how well your life is being lived in God’s eyes, and by helping others learn about  God’s Will through observing your life and  your words.  “Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”  Matthew 5:16  Now there’s a challenge for us all! — Anne and Dan


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