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Remembering Happy Days in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania

Remembering Happy Days in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania

The days all seem to run together with a continuing theme of Challenges.  Today, there has been a windstorm since early morning.  Dan was too exhausted to even attempt to go to church so we had a sermon on line.  This was the day for the Wound Vac RN  to change the sponge.  I removed the tape and the sponge.  Then, using the bench for the tub that lets him sit on the edge of the bench outside of the tub, I helped him move his feet over the side of the tub.  That way he can take a shower with a little help from me. (I’m the back scrubber.)  After not being able to shower for so many months, he is really glad to be free of sponge baths!


No matter how hard the RN tried, she could not get the Wound Vac to be  quiet.  120 pops a minute is a bit much.  Tech help over the phone wasn’t any help either.  Finally, Dan wrapped the noisy little vac in big comforter that keeps the noise down to where it can hardly be heard.  That works well when Dan is sitting or lying in his special chair.

About 7:30 p.m. tonight, the lights went out all over town…too strong a wind.  The lights were out for 4 hours.  We made a fire in the big fireplace, lit candles, talked, read books by candle light and flashlights. At 11:30 we were so happy to have the electricity come back on.  We connected Dan’s CPAP machine (helps him breathe when he’s asleep), and connected the Wound Vac.  Now, if we can sleep all night…that’d be a blessing.  The “storms” are shaking our lives, but we truly are safe in Jesus.  We cling to that Truth.  We pray that God’s will be done whatever He may choose, and that we will be tools in His hands to glorify Him.  Right now, we are not receiving what we keep asking for – complete healing of Dan.  But we are receiving God’s grace to bear up under the fiery trials. God is good.  God is always good. — Anne and Dan

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