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Be Thankful

We are thankful that we are together, that Dan can walk, that the cellulitis is improving, that the Wound Vac is working (making the deep wound heal more quickly), that we have a lovely place to live looking out on the Pacific, that we have friends like you who take the time to read this, and pray for us.  There are many more things we are thankful for.

Yet, when we don’t get enough sleep, when we have to go to ER often, when we have a week consumed with doctors’ appointments, it’s too easy for me to get down.   This afternoon was spent at ER.  The Dr. said the intense pain in Dan’s right foot and leg is because he hasn’t been able to walk enough.  The KCI Wound Vac (WV) was declared defective – it is not supposed to make 120 loud pops a minute.  

We were so happy when the new  WV was delivered. It was quiet, no popping noises…well, just one tiny one every few seconds.  About 30 minutes after the WV technician left, the new WV began to pop louder and more often.  For the night, Dan has the WV wrapped in a comforter which muffles the sound.  Such is life!

But the really good news is that the Dr. said Dan is out of danger from the cellulitis, and does not have to keep his right leg and foot propped up higher than his heart day and night.  We pray the Dr. is right.  No big stack of pillows to have to deal with is good news!

Tonight, I leave you with words from Psalm 107:1, “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!  His love endures forever.”  That Psalm almost tells the whole story of my life.  We have many reasons to give thanks no matter how big the challenges are.        — Anne and Dan


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