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The Mysterious Wound Vac

I don’t understand mechanical things…and I really don’t understand the Wound Vac (WV).  The popping sound went on all last  night and today until after Ruben, the RN, changed the sponge.  He could not get it to be quiet, but it was better.  About 30 minutes after Ruben left, Dan asked, “Do you hear the Wound Vac?”  I listened…and heard a few very soft pops every minute!  It has been quiet since then.  We are truly thankful for that!

Oops, spoke too soon – for the last 1 1/2 hours we’ve been “fighting” with the W V.  It sounded the alarm many times that there was blockage, and stopped working.   We could not find any blockage.  Then the alarm sounded several times to tell us the liter canister was full of fluid.  (It had about 1 tablespoon of fluid.)   We rebooted the machine. It seemed to work, but it just now  sounded the alarm that there is blockage.  I stopped and fixed it.  It is quietly working. Maybe I can go to sleep?

Dan’s right foot, ankle, and the flap area have been swollen today.  The Dr. said for Dan to walk some, and that he doesn’t need to prop his foot much.  Dan is worn out from lying with his ankle higher than his knee and heart. (We have been told to pay attention that the ankle is higher than the knee.  The fluid has trouble getting over the knee if the ankle is lower than the knee.)   Tomorrow is another day.  We pray the swelling will go down, and that the plastic surgery flap will heal, and that Dan’s body become free of cancer.

We are grateful for this sunny day, for the Feldenkreis therapy that Dan had today which helps his body become pain free and function better, for the phone conversation I had with Dottie, for the yummy stir-fry dinner tonight, for the love and prayers of our precious family and friends.

Psalm 107 concludes with this, “He lifted the needy out of their affliction and increased their families like flocks.  The upright see and rejoice, but all the wicked shut their mouths.  Whoever is wise let him heed these things and  consider the great love of the Lord.” — Anne and Dan

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