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Ask and You Shall Receive


Dan and Arthur Brooks of Ellis Brooks Cars Close the Deal

Dan & Arthur Brooks of Ellis Brooks Close the Deal

Last summer while we were in Romania, we started looking for an inexpensive used car.  But it didn’t work out.  We were disappointed, but there was a reason that we didn’t know about…Dan had cancer again and we were going to have to return to the U.S.  We would not need a car in Romania.  We were going to need a car in the U.S.

While we were in North Richland Hills, and when we came out here, Christians loaned us their extra car.  But we believed we needed a car of our own.  About 2 weeks ago, Dick Blythe, nephew of our friend Martha Hodges (mother of our friend Laurie Bishop and Grandmother of Brenna), phoned us.  Dick said, “Martha told me you were out here.  Is there anything I can do to help?”  I said, “Well, in fact, there is.  We need to find an inexpensive, good used car to take Dan back and forth to his many doctors’ appointments. Dick replied, “One of our church members, Marie Brooks, owns Ellis Brooks Cars.  I’ll talk to her.”

Today, Marie and her son, Arthur Brooks sold us a beautiful, “very clean,” 2000 Saab 93…are your ready for this — a black Saab convertible with only 58,000 miles, and an excellent 2 year warranty!  Arthur personally delivered the car to our home in Montara!  Marie knew up front what we could manage.  She brought the price down without us even asking.  Yes, in our mid 70’s, we  are going to be zooming along the Pacific Coast highway “living it up!”  (Well, at least we’ll have a good, safe, fun car to take us to Dan’s doctors, and when he’s well, maybe we will take a trip up the coast!) : > )  

The Wound Vac is working well tonight.  We have friends and family around the world praying for us.  We have all that we need and more.  Tomorrow, there’ll be a photo of our “new” Saab for you to see.  God never ceases to surprise us with good things! — Anne and Dan

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