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You MIght Say, “The Earth Shook!”

Today was too interesting.  There was a “small” earthquake 60 miles away that measured 4.3 on the Richter Scale.  It did no damage here. The family’s  beloved elderly dog had 5 seizures. The Wound Vac (WV) quit working this evening.  At 10 p.m., Dan said, “We need to fix the leaks in the WV bandage.”

I worked on that for one hour…at 11 p.m., I said, “I have done everything I know to do, but I can’t get the hose attached to the sponge inside your leg.  I give up!  I’m going to put on a regular gauze bandage.”   Just as I was ready, the electricity went off. Working by light from a battery powered lantern, and a flashlight, it took me an hour to get that bandage on.


Anne and Dan are Thankful for Dr. Thierry Jahan!

Anne and Dan are Thankful for Dr. Thierry Jahan!


We met with Dr. Jahan, the supervising Oncologist of Dan’s case.  He was delighted with the healthy flap.  He was very concerned about the terrible pain Dan has because of the  lymph fluid collection in his leg.  He changed to Neurontin to modulate the pain, Oxycodone which is in a slow acting base and will not make Dan as sleepy.  He also told us that I am to continue  massaging Dan’s legs with Traumeel cream 5 – 10 minutes at a time, but to do it as soon as the pain begins.  

This evening, after a 5 hour trip which included seeing the Doctor, getting Dan’s prescriptions filled, and buying a lightweight portable wheelchair to be used for distances too far for Dan to walk, we both were very tired.  Dan’s legs were hurting. I gently massaged Dan’s legs with Traumeel as soon as we got home.  Ten minutes later, his pain level was down to a O!

The good news is that Dr. Jahan is pleased with the flap. He smiled a big smile when he said, “The flap is wonderful.  It looks just like it is supposed to!”  The disappointing news is that Dan must wait until May to have any more tests. Dan’s body must be stronger, with more weight on his bones, and the flap needs to be healed. After the tests, Dr. Jahan will decide what the next step in Dan’s treatment will be.   We must stay focused on, “The Lord is my Shepherd. Nothing shall I lack.”  Ps. 23:1. Trust, glorify Him in the midst of trial, trust, tell of His great love, trust, trust. — Anne and Dan

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