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Calmer Day

Let’s see…this was a day free of drama!   Well, not exactly – We slept too late because of the 2 hour bandage change and power outage last night.  I lost the directions to the dentist; got there late, but he was kind while he replaced my broken crown.  It was an entirely pain free experience (no root canal).  

To treat myself after that appointment, I drove to Pacifica Beach, prayed awhile, and drank in the beauty of the rich blue sea with perfect waves rolling in.  There were about 20 people in wet suits surfing.  Afterwards, I went to Starbucks for  latte and oatmeal with nuts, dried fruit and brown sugar.  By then, I was totally refreshed and ready to return “home.”

Ruben, the Wound Vac (WV) RN, is  discouraged about the WV.  He says that the depth of the wound is 4.5 — not a 3.  That is a clear indication that the WV is not being effective.  The WV company is sending a special RN soon to look at Dan’s incision.  Perhaps she can help solve the problems. 

Today, Dan had his 2nd Feldenkrais therapy session with Susan Miller.  She is helping relieve the pain.  Look how tall he stands at the end of his session today.  After his session, he felt so well that we went to Chez Shay for an organic delicious lunch of chicken enchiladas with mole’ sauce.  One platter was enough for the two of us! We’ll have lunch there again!  After our “lunch date,” Dan was ready to come home and take a nap until dinner time.

Dan with Susan Miller, Feldenkrais Therapist

Dan with Susan Miller, Feldenkrais Therapist

See the long plastic tube draped over the WV strap.  One end is connected to the WV and the other is taped to the sponge in his incision.  When it works well, the WV helps the wound heal from the bottom up. In most cases, it works fine. It’s just that Dan’s incision is in a very difficult place.  Susan made a very important statement,  “Illness, suffering of any kind, helps us learn about our humaness.  Until we have suffered, we may not realize that we are human like everyone else.  By going through deep suffering, we learn to be more patient with others.”  Jesus put it this way, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Until you mature, you may not be able to understand.  May God be gracious and help us learn our lessons in a gentle manner. —  Anne and Dan

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