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Survival Mode

Dan’s problems that sent Dan twice to ER this week are entirely sulfa allergy related.  The diuretics, Aldactone and Lasix, he was given are “sulfa based” as the Neurologist put it this morning after he looked them up in his PDR.  Normally doctors don’t take time to learn all that.  They are busy and don’t read what’s in the meds, and too often don’t read to see what the side effects are.  Even the pharmacy, knowing that Dan is allergic to sulfa, let that slip by them.  We are strictly into “survival” mode.

Today, ER gave Dan  saline solution intravenously which stabilized his blood pressure.  As long as he drinks enough water with electrolytes in it, his blood pressure remains in an acceptable area.  It measured 111/54 at 11:00 p.m.  I took care of cleaning and packing the cavity in his groin tonight.  It only took me 45 minutes from the time I prepared the equipment, tape, gauze, etc. to the time I put the last piece of tape on.

Dr. Appelle phoned late this afternoon and apologized several times for not returning our calls for 3 days. She gave Dan a 12 Noon appointment for Thursday this week. AND she gave us her cell phone number when I asked. “What do we do the next time something like this happens?”  Somebody must have had a “word” with her.  

Mike G. brought us dinner just as we got home.  He unloaded all the stuff I’d taken to the hospital in case Dan had to stay.  The mother of one of Shelby’s friends called to say she will come day or night if we need help. Dan still has to recover from the reaction to the sulfa.  He looks and feels terrible.  My shoulders are both very sore from so much driving.  God is allowing Satan to beat up on us till we think we can’t stand anymore, then God sends kind, intentional followers of Christ to take care of us. We’re okay.    Praise Him!  — Anne and Dan

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