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There Is Hope


The Sun is Always Shining

The Sun is Always Shining

No matter how cloudy and dark the day, how lonely the night, the sun is always shining.  God’s Son has truly been with us during this latest challenge.  Remember that.  Today was a better day for both of us.  Dan is slowly pulling out of the slowness of walking.  His cough and congestion are a bit better.  He no longer falls asleep in the middle of putting food in his mouth, or in the middle of saying something.

Dr. Appelle was gracious, kind and helpful today when we went in for Dan’s checkup that the ER doc ordered for last Monday.  We’ll see how Dan’s leg  does now that he’s off those two diuretics.  The Dr. put him back on Enduron – he’s been taking that for 20 years with no ill effects.  

I finally got a big box that “just” holds the clothes I’ve been given to send to the Covasna County Red Cross.  The clothes are all in the box, and it is waiting to be taped.  Now, the question is, “What do we do with a 50 + pound box.  Neither one of us can lift it!  The UPS or FedEx man expects us to have weighed it before he gets here.  Don’t worry, be happy!  In other words, “In nothing be anxious, but with prayer and thanksgiving, make your requests known to God.” —  Anne and Dan

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