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The Days Are Too Short

The day is always over before I have all the work done.  Tonight is no different.  We had a better day today.  Dan’s energy is slowly increasing.  He still sleeps a good bit during the day.  Last night, his knees were hurting so much that he could not sleep.  That is just one of the side effects of the sulfa allergy.  His joints ache a lot.  But he is taking Ibuprofen instead of strong pain killers.  The cough is going away.  So, in time, his body will recover from all that sulfa the doctors gave him in the diuretics.

It was a gorgeous, sunny day today with no emergencies!  We got a lot of “straightening up” done.  We had let things get in a jumble in our room.  I found a big box 21″ X 21″ X 21″ that was just right for the clothes.  The box is packed, ready for shipment to Troy, Michigan, but FedEx did not come pick it up.  It’s on the front porch.  Since there are 12 steep steps up to the porch, I don’t think anybody will try to take it.  Two people have written me to ask how to send clothes to the Covasna County Red Cross.  I hope more will help with that project.

We drove 15 minutes down HIghway One along the Pacific to Half Moon Bay for lunch.  It was nice to be out, and do something besides go to Emergency or to see a Dr.  : > )  We pray every day for our family and friends that God will keep you safe, work in your life to help you glorify Him and be a tool in His hands…we pray the same for ourselves.  Being a tool in His hands has brought us much joy for a long time.  God is using Dan’s illness in ways that we don’t see or understand.  But God will be glorified, and people will be blessed because of our struggle.  So that makes it worth it all.  And now to get some rest…we hope. — Anne and Dan

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