Pulling Out of Illness from Sulfa

April 12, 2009 at 5:59 am Leave a comment

Today was sunny inside and out.  The sun was bright and beautiful on this cool day.  Dan’s cough is improving, his energy level was rather good this morning, but he had to take several naps during the afternoon and evening.  We did a lot of straightening up of our room, arranging things better now that we have our closets and chests of drawers from Ikea. We are settling in more, but our life is one doctor’s appointment after another.

We are happy to report that things are looking very positive about getting a large container of goods to the Covasna County Red Cross!  We put together a proposed list, and now we’re asking, “What else needs to be on the list?”

I’m working hard to drive away  thoughts of, “As soon as Dan is strong again, are they going to knock him down with chemo?”  He nearly died from chemo in ’08.  That’s when he lost so much weight.  Satan is telling me that I am too tired to deal with the battle that lies ahead to save Dan’s life.  However, I am constantly reminded that whatever happens, because Dan and I are intentional followers of Jesus, we will be okay.

Curt, one of our Elders, wrote this today, ” Lately, I’ve been encouraging people who are in great difficulty to spend some time meditating on Psalm 139. The thing that struck me recently is in verse 23. After going to great lengths to state that God knows everything about him, even the words he has not yet spoken, David, the man after God’s own heart, says to God, “Know my anxious thoughts”.

We are very familiar with Jesus’ admonitions to fear not and Paul’s teaching to be anxious about nothing. Too often, when we are reminded of this it does more to make us feel guilty about our anxiety rather than relieving it. But I think it is helpful to know that even David, with all his faith and courage had anxious thoughts within. His solution was to invite God in to examine even these thoughts and help him deal with them. Meditating on that and intentionally naming before God the very thing we are anxious about may help us overcome that anxiety. We can trust Him even with our anxious thoughts. He already knows them and loves us anyway.”  — Anne and Dan


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