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The Adventure Continues

OK, I went armed with a paper map of the city, written instructions to Dr. Appelle’s office, two maps of the area.  HA!   Guess what…when we got turned off of Skyline onto The Great Highway that runs along the magnificent Pacific, the road was barricaded.  With the high winds there was danger of the Pacific flooding that road.

So, I turned around and took the only street going East.  It was pointless to get back on Skyline.  Neither one of us knew where it went.  I knew I could find my way on those East – West, North – South streets.  Dropping Dan off at the lab to get  blood tests, I found a free parking spot just 1/2 block away, and happily walked to the clinic…only to find Dan waiting for me.  The Dr. told us to turn left off of Divisadero.  She meant right.  Since it was only 1 more block away, we walked there in the cool sunshine.

So far, so good.  We went to Mel’s Diner for Dan’s chocolate malt, steak and eggs for lunch.  Again using my google map, we made our way to the Dr’s. office.  Letting Dan off in front of the building, I went on to find another free parking place only 1 1/4 blocks down the hill.  I entered the office 2 minutes before my appointment.  The Dr. checked Dan’s cavity declaring it healthy.  She packed that cavity in a matter of minutes!  Tonight, all I had to do was put some extra tape to hold the bandage on.  She prescribed a different diuretic for Dan that has no side effects…now we have to find it!  By 3:30, the results of Dan’s blood tests were available to her computer.  All his tests were good!   She  prescribed physical therapy for my ailing shoulders.  The good news is that there is no damage to the rotor cuff.

So far, all things considered, we’d had a good day.  But, going “home” was another adventure.  We went on roads that Dan recognized that took us through beautiful Golden Gate Park.  The bumper to bumper traffic was so slow, we nearly had time to draw pictures of the trees!  We got home 7 1/2 hours after we left this morning.  Our adventures are rather boring some days.  However, a feast was awaiting us – ham, fresh steamed green beans, baked pumpkin, oven fried new potatoes.  A good meal makes a day end well.

Would you believe it…when I asked God for a scripture tonight, He gave me Matt. 8 – 10 again.  “…Why are you so afraid?” Matt. 8:28.  Why?  I still need to grow.  Dan is frail, weak.  I am afraid to lose him.  Satan tells me that I won’t be okay without Dan.  Jesus tells me there is nothing to fear.  Who are we going to chose to believe?  We choose to trust Jehovah and His son, Jesus. — Anne and Dan

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