God Is Our Protector

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Dan ran a low grade fever  this evening, but Tylenol got it down to 99.7.  He has a tight, deep cough lingering from his reaction to sulfa. The Dr. said that if his fever gets up to 102 F, we must bring him to ER immediately.  I’ll check his temp during the night.  

In the morning, we will take him to the Urgent Care Clinic at UCSF Medical Center.  Friday was to be our “day off” from trips to doctors.   In case you missed the message from Sherrie H. in yesterday’s comments — these words from God’s Word are very encouraging to me.

Keep on declaring the truth promises from God’s Word, and you will feel stronger each day.  King David declares the truth about our Lord, “It is better to trust the Lord than to trust people . . . The Lord is my strength and victory song!  The Lord saves me! . . . Lord, I thank you for answering my prayer.  I thank you for saving me (Psalm 118:8,14,21).”  “The Lord is good and merciful.  God is kind.  The Lord takes care of helpless people.  I was without help, and the Lord saved me.  My soul, relax!  The Lord is caring for you . . . I continued believing even when I said, ‘I am ruined!’  Yes, even when I was afraid . . . What can I give to the Lord?  The Lord gave me everything I have! . . . The death of one of the Lord’s followers is very important to the Lord (Psalm 116:5-15).” 

When you feel afraid, declare the promised truth over your life.  Then you will begin feeling better.  Even when he feels afraid, King David declares the promises of truth about God’s help to strengthen his thinking and emotions, “I look up to the hills for help.   But where will my help really come from?  My help will come from the Lord, the Creator of heaven and earth.  God will not let you fall.  Your Protector will not fall asleep . . . God never sleeps.  The Lord is your Protector.  He protects you with His great power . . . The Lord will protect you from every danger.  The Lord will protect your soul.  The Lord will help as you come and go.  The Lord will help you now and forever (Psalm 121:1-8).”  “I was in trouble.  I called to the Lord for help.  And He saved me (Psalm 120:1)!”  — Anne and Dan


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The Adventure Continues God Is Not Finished with Us Yet

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