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Thankful for Improvement

Having stopped taking Neurontin, Dan’s swelling in his legs, feet, hands, face, etc., has gone down quite a bit…but is still a painful problem.  Infection is trying to set in in his cavity, but the nurse cleaned it really well this morning before she packed it.  Tonight, when I did the 2nd cleaning and packing, the color of the drainage was back to light yellow.  That means there is no infection present.  

However, Dan began running a fever late this afternoon, and according to his sister, Bonny, fever makes his heart rate go up. Bonny, called to check on Dan tonight.  She also told us that as long as his heart rate is under 120, he is safe.  That information calmed me down quite a bit.  Bonny is in health care and knows almost as much as any doctor…maybe more!  She’s a Boyd after all!  

A good friend comforted us with this message today.  Let me bless you by sharing it with you.   “Dan’s ongoing health and its variations are a frightening and stressful load to bear. I am thankful you both do not have to bear the burden alone.  I realize that you may sometimes FEEL alone, but you are not alone.  Many are keeping you in prayer.  Your family there is cradling you in their loving arms and home.  The Family of God there and other places is meeting many of your needs.  The Lord ALmighty is sustaining you….even when you are exhausted and need a good cry…or two.  Crying out to Him….making the decision to praise Him, to extol His goodness, to trust Him in the face of wavering trust, to believe His promises…..these are so very good to continue to do.  When you are weak, you can experience how strong He is.  Look for Him.  He is all around you.  He speaks to you everywhere, if you’ll listen for His voice. ” 

 May we all listen for His voice…and follow Him. —  Anne and Dan


Montara Mountains on the East Side of the Road with the Cliffs and Montara Beach on the West Side Beside the Pacific.

Montara Mountains on the East Side of the Road with the Cliffs and Montara Beach on the West Side beside the Pacific. Our God created this for our pleasure.

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