Another Day Has Passed

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We made it through yet another day. Each day is much the same what with the RN coming once a day to clean and pack Dan’s cavity, and me doing the same about 12 hours later.  The RN wants a Wound Care Specialist to give a 2nd opinion on how to help the cavity heal, but the Specialist has no opening until the 30th.  Dan’s team of doctors at UCSF may make a decision before that if  the Plastic Surgeon has his way.

The excess water in Dan’s body is rapidly going away.  He walked about 20′ further today than he has before – from the house to the corner, and up the steep street for half a block. Dan thought he did not need to spend much time with his ankles higher than his knees.  Tonight, both feet are swollen as well as the right leg. He said, “I’ll do better tomorrow.”

Let’s see, what did I do today to “take care” of myself?   I drove 15 minutes north to the dentist in Pacifica to have my teeth cleaned.  Let’s try again…I stopped at Starbucks on the way home.  I bought  chicken sausage to put in our Dutch lunch – mashed potatoes with applesauce and sauerkraut topped with sausage!  I also walked down the hill to the Post Office taking a longer route so I could see and smell the flowers.  : > )  

Pacific Coastside shrub full of pink blossoms

Pacific Coastside shrub full of pink blossoms


Rosemary Herb Bush

Rosemary Herb Bush










Continuing what Sherrie’s message – “The apostle Peter teaches ‘how’ the Lord Jesus does the impossible through believers.  By the power of the Holy Spirit upon us, believers are led into right living (John 14:26,27).  When believers are weak, then Jesus shows up within us and makes us strong by doing whatever we cannot do by our own human efforts.”  

“Peter teaches, “When you obeyed the truth, you made your souls pure.  This led you to loving your brothers and sister.  That love must be sincere.  Love one another intensely from your hearts.  You have been born again.  The seed [message] that caused this will never die.  It is God’s message that lives and lasts . . . the Lord’s message remains forever (1 Peter 1:22,23-SEB).” “You should live good lives among the people of the world.  They might say evil things against you, as if you were doing wrong.  But when they see your good deeds, they will give glory to God on the Day when He returns to take care of us . . . by doing good, you will silence foolish, ignorant men. This is what God wants . . .”  (to be continued) — Anne and Dan

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A Day of Rest Waiting…

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