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Never Give Up!

Dan wanted to get out and do something nice.  Even though his heart rate and blood pressure are back to norma, his feet are still swelling.  Leaving here at 12:30, we took our family to lunch. went to get our own library cards, checked out a few books, went by the drug store to buy a glasses frame repair kit, and found a barber for Dan’s 1st professional hair cut since surgery.  (I’m afraid his cute curly hair is going straight!)  After that, we came back “home,” and “crashed” for the rest of the day.  

Our son has great finger dexterity, so tonight I prepared Dan’s cavity for packing.  Then our son took over.  He was surprised at how small the opening to the cavity is.  He   had the packing finished 3 times faster than I can do it.  He  put the tape on quickly …nothing like the “interesting” crooked and wrinkled tape design I create.  Dan and I both have coughs; I’m on the verge of losing my voice.  But, with God’s help, we will take care of Dan.  We will hang in there, do what we can, and look to God to do the rest.  We don’t have to give up just because we are worn out.

“When something weak hits our lives, then rejoice, because Jesus is about to show up and do the strong and right thing within us by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Then, instead of bragging about what we ourselves did, we can brag on what the Lord does in us, for us, with us, and through us.  Bragging on what God does through Jesus in our lives is exactly the type of praise and glory that God wants to receive from believers.  God wants credit for the good He does with us even when we are weak . . . because at our moment of weakness, Jesus living in us shows up strong and does the ‘impossible’ on our behalf.”  

“Peter concludes, ‘If you truly desire to do right, who will hurt you? …even if yo do suffer because you are doing right, you should be happy.  Don’t be upset.  Don’t be afraid like they are afraid.  Make a special holy place in your hearts for Christ, the Lord . . . Then those who say evil things about your good life in Christ will be ashamed of the things they said.  If God wants you to suffer, then suffering for doing right is better than suffering for doing wrong.  Christ died for your sins . . . He was a good man dying for bad men.  Why? To bring you back to God (1 Peter 3:13-18-SEB).’  Peter teaches believers our good is consistently rewarded by God, because Christ does everything good in us, with us, for us, and through us by the power coming from the Holy Spirit.  Glory to God because He does great things on behalf of believers in Jesus!  Praise His name!  Exalt His mighty power, not our power.”  — Anne and Dan

Even the cemetaries are beautiful in Romania.

Even the cemetaries are beautiful in Romania.



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