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You Never Know…

When it seems that one day is almost the same as all the others, you will be surprised by the unexpected.  You never know what may be just around the corner.  The lovely walk I took in the sunny but cool weather last Thursday just before sunset was a bit too cool. Now that Dan’s body is making big steps in overcoming the sulfa based Lasix and Aldactone, and Neurontin, I lost my voice for almost two days.  Fortunately, it moved up into my sinuses so that I have a sinus infection.  Because of my young age of 74, the RN who comes daily was afraid I had pneumonia.  But my lungs are clear.  The Dr. wants to wait and see if rest and irrigating with saline solution, etc., will help me get well.

In concluding the encouraging message from Sherrie, here’s the last part of what she had to say about being strong when you are weak.  “Every time something bad happens in my life, I have learned to say, “I have a blessing coming soon, because Satan is bearing down on me fiercely, angry at my blessing coming soon, and torments me right now.  Thank you Jesus for sending my blessing!  Please send my blessing very soon.”  That is what I consider being strong when you are weak. I hope Sherrie does not mind me saying this – in the 30 years we have known her, Satan has sent many hard things her way in his efforts to tear her away from Jesus.  But Sherrie and her husband cling to Jesus.  He has brought them through every storm, and they are people we often turn to for wise counsel.  May we all find the path that helps us be intentional followers of Jesus so that we can let Him help us be strong when we are weak. — Anne and Dan


Ancient Fortress and Church from the 1100's

Ancient Fortress and Church from the 1100's

    Romania has a rich history and many interesting buildings that existed before Columbus ever thought about America!  : > )

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