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Look for the Positive

When the road is rough, full of potholes, maybe it’s a good idea to look for the lessons we need to learn from this.  God loves us so much that He keeps giving us opportunities to learn the lessons we need to learn.  As I look at the past 3 days, on the one hand, they look like wasted time, but on the other hand, they are a way to learn some important lessons.

The one I see today is how hard it must be for Dan to be ill for almost 17 months, feeling useless, hurting, knowing every second that he has vicious sarcomas in his body that are going untreated.  God heals naturally – such as when we cut our finger…it heals quickly.  God heals through medical treatment.  And, He still heals because we ask.  Jesus healed everyone who asked Him when He was on earth.  If He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, then He can heal those who ask.

We celebrate that Dan’s body continues to get rid of the extra fluid caused by wrong medications.  He aches all over today…not sure why.  He got out in the cool breeze and walked 1 1/2 blocks in the sunshine.  And, what did I do?  I spent most of the day in bed, sleeping, resting, letting Dan fix my breakfast.  Our daughter in law had made chicken vegetable soup which I gratefully ate for lunch.  Tonight, I felt up to eating dinner with the family.  The sinus congestion is still a problem, but it may be improving.  I wish Dr. Kati was here!  She prescribes Black Stevia Capsules to build up my immune system.  When I need modern, up to date medicines, she prescribes that also.  

I’ve been told that sinus infections are often the result of unshed tears.  I can think of several things that I don’t allow myself to cry about very often. Please, ask God to heal both Dan and me, and pray that we allow ourselves to have our feelings, do our grieving, accept the things we cannot change, and get on with living in peace and joy.  — Anne and Dan

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