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An Interesting Day

Dan’s doctor scheduled a sleep apnae study in an effort to give him better sleep. I drove him into the city in our little 2000 Saab black convertible.  The first mistake was not getting up soon enough.  Dan moves slowly. It takes him a long time to get ready.  The second mistake was that I took freeways nearly all the way to the Medical Center. (It took longer to crawl off of the freeway to the street we needed than it did to drive from Montara to that  exit.)

The other mistake was made a year ago when Dan had his last sleep study.  Dr. Mike ordered the top of the line face mask. Dan requires a size “large.”  That company does not make a “large.” He was sent a “medium.”  No study was made after he received the mask. The times we met with Dr. Mike, she did not study what was causing the problem.  When we reported the problem to the company, they never followed through with promised help.

The minute he falls asleep, the mask slips in between his lips making it ineffective.  Do you think that company cares?  What has been the theme of business for years in this country?  “Make money.  Sell, sell, sell!  It does not matter if it is what is needed.  Make a buck!”  So, Dan and I have not had many night’s of good sleep for years because he has never had a mask that fits his face. (By the way, if you or your loved one has sleep apnea, left untreated, it damages lungs and heart. You will lose them years before their time.  Snoring is a “manly” thing, but it is a killer if the snorer stops breathing for 30 seconds at a time during their sleep.)  Maybe, by the end of next week, Dan will have his new mask…and begin to let us both sleep well.

The wonderful interesting thing that happened was that Dan took me out for an early Mother’s Day lunch at the historic  Cliff House, beside the Pacific. The view was breath taking.  The food was excellent.  That was definitely a Memory Making Event.  But the best part of today was that we were together all day.

The Scriptures the Lord gave me tonight is one He has given me several times since 2004.  “…I will gain glory within you and they will know that I am the Lord….no longer will the people of Israel have malicious neighbors who are painful briers, and sharp thorns.  Then they will know that I am the Sovereign Lord.”  Ezekiel 28:22, 24.  Jehovah God is the Sovereign Lord.  May His name be praised in all circumstances. — Anne and Dan

With your donations to God's Children, Dr. Kati, Pediatrician, bought medical supplies to help the children

With your donations to God's Children, Dr. Kati, Pediatrician, bought medical supplies to help the children

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