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A Beautiful Day

God was especially kind to us today.  The sun shone all day.  We received e-mails from friends we haven’t heard from in ages and phone calls from people who are very important to us.  Tom and Jaye came for a few sweet hours and were gone again…rather much like life… a vapor that   passes away.  If there is someone you have been intending to contact… If there is an apology that you need to make, do it before this day is over.  If there is someone you love, tell them now how important they are to you.  Tomorrow may be too late.  Be “Jesus with skin on” for all those you come in contact with.  You may change a life by a “chance” encounter.

LIVE today…and if you are an intentional follow of Jesus, STUDY His Word  not so much for knowledge, but FOR UNDERSTANDING so you can FOLLOW Him according to HIS WILL.   In the end, His Will is what matters.

Dan has been especially tired today.  His old sleep apnea mask kept slipping in the night.   It will be several days before he can get the new mask.   He is praying that he will be strong enough to take our family out for Mother’s Day dinner.

REGARDING GUIDED IMAGERY —  IMPORTANT — Dr. Tom Payton and Dr. Jaye Crowder, outstanding therapists in Dallas, told me today —  Guided Imagery is more effective when the patient is awake.  Research has demonstrated that during the first ten minutes of sleep, the brain takes in the words of Guided Imagery.  After being asleep ten minutes, in most cases, the brain does not receive the message.  IF YOU ARE GOING TO DO GUIDED IMAGERY,  FIRST GET IN A RELAXED STATE OF MIND, AND STAY AWAKE TO RECEIVE FULL BENEFIT OF THE MESSAGE IN THE GUIDED IMAGERY.  (That is also what I was taught in my University training.)  Some may disagree.  That’s okay.

A friend shared this with me –

“Dear Father, worthy God,
You declared that just as death came through the sin of one man, so life comes through one man’s resurrection from the dead. As in Adam all die, so also in Christ shall all be made alive. But each in his own order: Christ first, then at His coming we who belong to Him.

Thank you, Father, for the assurance you gave by raising Him up. Thank you that His resurrection is our resurrection! Thank you for this revelation of the order in which it will come.

In the name of Jesus I offer you this thanksgiving and praise for the most wonderful events of history, Christ’s resurrection and
ours. Amen.” — Anne and Dan

Wagon loaded with bee hives takes the bees to the blossoms in Romania.

Wagon loaded with bee hives takes the bees to the blossoms in Romania.

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