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To Help You Understand the Journey

Why do I write this blog?  As a chronicle of the daily events during this walk through the Dark Valley, to help others understand what it is like, to stay connected with those who care enough to take the time to read it, to help me remember that God is always with us.  In 2005, it was estimated that 155,000 people die every day.  Dan is only one of many who will soon stand before the Lord to give an account of himself.  I am just one of about 300,000 or more who struggle with giving up their loved ones each day.  Really, the number of grieving loved ones is a much higher number.

So, in that regard we are not unique.  But what is perhaps unique these days, is that we are able to find joy in the midst of this painful journey.  Dan still makes those clever puns, teases so well even though his tongue is thick from dehydration or from pain killers.  How can we be joyful when the tears are streaming down our faces?  We believe all of Jesus’ promises to us.  How do we know what His promises are?  We study His Word, the Bible.

The tears come at most unexpected moments. They have to pour forth or my heart will burst. Most of the time, the tears come when I am alone.  But, always, we turn to God for comfort and guidance.  Reading His Word, praying, listening to Him, holding His hand,  trusting HIm that all is well, we go deeper and deeper into the Darkness of Death. But God is LIGHT in whom there is no darkness.  Seek the LIght, and He will lead you. — Anne and Dan

Our Beloved Bogi and Janos, Social Workers in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania

Our Beloved Bogi and Janos, Social Workers in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania

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