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Every Day Has Joy

Even though the day started out with near paralyzing fear as I looked at Dan’s swollen legs, hips and abdomen…discovering cellulitis spreading over more of his legs, reading his oxygen level of 64 (90 is the lowest that is acceptable), I cried out to God, and He helped me think more clearly.  A new nurse came yesterday.  Today, there was yet another new nurse. I had to train both in the method to pack Dan’s wound.  Fortunately, today’s nurse will return for 2 more days, and our regular nurse will return next week.  Amber will take over much of his nursing care for 10 days.  I just don’t know, until she tries it, if she can pack that wound.

The new sleep mask, the new velcro wide elastic band to hold everything in place is not working well.  The mask is making sounds like a slightly broken organ that needs to be tuned.  Almost everything seemed to go wrong today.  We never did get his oxygen level up to 90, but we were happy with 84.  

We had a strange experience today.  A man whom we loved like a brother years ago did us a deep wrong and walked away.  We both wrote him in an attempt to work things out.  But we never heard anything until today.  He’d had a dream, he said, in which he saw Dan in anguish, surrounded by family.  He called to offer his condolences…but said not one word of apology, made no mention of his wrong doing.  I am still working on letting go/forgiving him for hurting us.  The call today made me aware that I must “let go” if I am ever going to have peace, and that God is “busy” with him as well as us.  We pray that he will turn his life around, and choose to walk with God again.

This afternoon, joy walked in the door with the arrival of Jim and Lyn from Fayetteville!  We had a blessed evening sharing many warm memories and talking about interesting things that we all care about.  They always help with the work we do in Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania, and are some of our best encouragers.  The day ended sooooo well. God is so good to have let them come see us! — Anne and Dan

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