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Dan Is Still with Us

We had a good day.  Amber an awesome nurse made it look easy to pack the cavity!  The packing went right in on the first try!  She takes such good care of Dan anticipating his every need.  He ate well today, but his breathing has become very shallow and difficult to get his breath.  He asked me this morning to stay with him…not leave him alone.  He knows the end is near. Amber fixed the hospital bed so I can lie beside him tonight.

Our daughter in law’s brother and his beautiful Russian wife brought lunch today!  Four delicious Russian salads that we really enjoyed.  What a treat!  They leave in a few days to visit her family, so they had to say, “Goodbye.”  Tender hearted, so kind.  We are blessed to be surrounded with such loving family.

I hope Dan is still here when Tim and Claudia arrive from Spain.  They wanted to come the first of this week, but could not arrange for someone to keep their children any earlier.  They are on the plane now.  Sometimes we do the best we can…but it is too late.  

Many loved ones have phoned, sent cards, e-mails, Skyped.  If you hope to contact Dan, he may be here in the morning.  And, he may surprise us and be here several more days.  With it so difficult to breathe even with the aid of oxygen, I don’t know what to expect.  What I do know is that he is cradled in the arms of Jesus, and will be okay…and Jesus will carry me until I can walk.

 This is the, “Goodbye,” that I could not talk about for the first 10 years of our marriage.  But, after 56 years of marriage, we can talk about anything, have worked through many challenges in our life, have learned that we are in control of only what we say and do.  We have talked about his passing, have the memorial services planned for here, North Richland Hills, and Oklahoma, and what I will do in the future if the Lord wills.  

God has been our pilot, our Guide, all our lives.  When we chose to listen to Him, things always worked out.  When we chose to do it “our way,” things didn’t always go so well in the long run.  We are at peace about Dan’s passing because God knows much better than we what is best for all of us.  He will help us deal with our grief.   “The Lord has done great things for us,”  Psalms 126:3.  He wants to do great things for you.  — Anne and Dan

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