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The Second Day After

Everything seems so normal – get up, get dressed, and then suddenly realize that Dan is gone, not back in the hospital again, not returning.  Everything stops while the tears flow.  But then regular life starts up again…until the next time I am frozen in grief for my loss.  

Our son and his wife are making all the arrangements for the memorial service Sunday evening, 7 p.m., at Coastside, in Pacifica.  We are working on having the service in Ft. Worth sometime between  June 22 – 27.  Two of our children have very full schedules.  We don’t know if a date can be found that works for everyone.

In lieu of flowers, Dan requested that  Memorials be made to God’s Children, a charitable organization that provides help to the widows and orphans in Romania. Contributions can be made on line (see the Donation note on the right hand side of this page) or sent to the God’s Children, P. O. Box 371011, Montara, CA 94037-1011.

Today, my heart was made joyful when Julia, Kati, Attila, and Andrea Skyped me from Spain and Romania, and Vicki phoned from Texas.  They all share my sense of loss and encouraged me greatly.  My sister, Barbara, suggested that I could help the grandkids and  myself by doing something fun with the grandchildren. So, this afternoon, I took the two available GRAND children for hot chocolate and a ride in my 2000 Turbo 93 Saab convertible…with the top down for the first time!  Dan wants us to be happy for him. He knew we would grieve our loss, but he encouraged us to take care of ourselves by having times of joy in the midst of our sadness.

Most important of all is this…”When the soul finds its home of rest in Me, then it is that its real life begins,” from God Calling, A. J. Russell.  — Anne

Dan and Raul at Red Cross Camp, '08.  Dan cared for the little children.

Dan and Raul at Red Cross Camp, '08. Dan cared for the little children.


You can help these precious children.

You can help these precious children


Jesus said, "let the little children come to me."

Jesus said, "let the little children come to me."

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