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Memorial Services for Dan

Much to our delight, we learned that this morning, Dan Johnston arranged a memorial service for Dan at Riverside in Coppell.  He had photos on the screen of Dan and his work around the world, and  said some very fine things about Dan.  Tears of joy and appreciation came to our eyes to know that you at Riverside appreciated Dan that much.  This evening we had a true celebration of his life at Coastside.  Friends of our son from the area, from work, from long ago, and from his church family filled the building.  Our son and his precious wife made all the arrangements, ordered the flowers, did everything – even the program.  Several people, including Scott, and me (at the last minute) had some nice things to say about Dan.

Members of the congregation provided desserts for our time of fellowship after the service.  I was the only one with a camera, and I did not think to take photos during the talks or singing. I will attach some photos of the flowers.  Maybe tomorrow I will scan the story of Dan’s life that was written by Scoot on the program.

“Blessed are they who die in the Lord.”  Dan is now resting from his labors, free of cancers AND he is in heaven with the Lord.  I plan to study the Word of God and be sure I know what God wants from me…and thn do it. —  Anne


The beautiful main flowers about 4 feet tallThe beautiful main flowers about 4 feet tallOne of the arrangements on the dessert table

One of the arrangements on the dessert table

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