Memorials in Texas & OK

June 16, 2009 at 6:47 am 1 comment

Plans are to hold a Memorial service in honor of Dan’s life at 10 a.m, 27 June, Sat. at RHCC for people in the DFW area.  Many of Dan’s family members live closer to SW Oklahoma.  A Memorial Service will be held at the Hobart Church of Christ, Monday, June 29, with burial in the Boyd Family plot in the country cemetery close to where Dan was born (near Altus, OK).

He suffered so much, but is at rest with God now. I hear that God helps you get through it, but that you never “get over” losing a husband or a child.  God is near.  He will help all of us who love Dan “get through” it.  — Anne


Our God, powerful enough to create such a sunset over the Pacific, is able to heal the pain in our heart.

Our God, powerful enough to create such a sunset over the Pacific, is able to heal the pain in our heart.


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Dan’s Memorial Services One Step at a Time

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  • 1. Sherrie Hammond  |  June 16, 2009 at 3:58 pm

    “Imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises (Hebrews 6:12).” Healing from grief and loss requires faith and patience. In due season, the hurt becomes less and less over time. God’s healing balm in Jesus covers our hearts and minds with God’s comforting promises.

    The Enemy [Satan] fights against us the hardest when Satan knows we are the closest to our healing breakthrough from God. If Satan thinks we will live in resignation, depression, and continuing hurt, then Satan will not fight hard against us. However, when Satan knows we desire overcoming, defeating, and conquering our grief and loss, then Satan fights hard against our emotions and thinking. We defeat Satan by fighting back with heavenly weapons of thankfulness, joy, comfort, promises, and truth facts.

    When we press on toward our promised healing reward through faith and patience, then in due time we arrive at acceptance. Abraham believed God even when Abraham’s circumstances looked impossible. God rewards believers who search for God’s healing answers. Keep believing and standing firm in faith that God will heal every hurt and broken-heart like God promises to do (isaiah 61 &62).

    Some of the healing things we can do to help ourselves go through the first 3 months of our grief and loss are:

    1. REST. When our bodies feel tired, lay down and rest, or nap, or sleep. After we cry a lot, then go rest, nap, or sleep. Rest is refreshing to our bodies and healing to our minds and emotions.

    2. TAKE A BREAK AND INSERT HUMOR. Take a short, brief “grief vacation break” from our grief feelings by visiting nature outdoors, taking a walk with a friend or family member, talk about something else for awhile, go shopping, read a book, listen to music, and thank God for the renewing natural beauty outdoors that heals our souls. Simply tell people, “I’m taking a short vacation break (or mental health break) from my grief right now. Can we please talk about something else for awhile?” Then, change the subject to some other topic like, “Nice weather we are having right now, don’t you think.” Solomon teaches, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Laughter heals our souls and relieves our sadness. Remember the joy. Find the funny things in each day. Then, later we can cry again and cleanse our grief-sorrowed souls with our tears.

    3. NO CALLS, PLEASE. When we feel overwhelmed, and need some time alone, turn off the phones (and do not answer the doorbell either). Most compassionate people understand we need alone time (every now and then) while we grieve, because alone time refreshes our energies and consoles our troubled minds. If people do not understand, then we do not need those people in our lives right now anyway. We can cordially visit with them later after we feel refreshed.

    4. DAILY HYGIENE AND NUTRITION. Grief sometimes makes us not want to do simple and helpful things that nurture ourselves. Do the opposite of what we feel by nurturing ourselves with nutritious foods, plenty of clean drinking water, take a shower and dress — just something that refreshes our bodies. Wear pretty, bright colored clothes just to make ourselves feel better. A good bath or shower, plus eating nutritious meals will uplift our bodies, minds, and emotions by giving us the daily nurturing energy that we need. In this way, we can carry on with whatever tasks we must do.

    5. BIBLE AND PRAYER TIME. Everyday, read the Bible. Read Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5-7, and let Jesus talk to us. Read the Psalms for comfort. During grief, we really need Jesus talking to us, so read all about Jesus in the gospels and listen to His words. Fill up our minds and hearts on the prophets who teach God’s uplifting Promises. Read Proverbs for our life direction. Colossians, Philippians, and Ephesians give uplifting practical daily life guidance. Then, after we allow God’s Spirit to talk to us from the Bible, we can talk to God in prayer. Thank God for His many blessings, kindnesses, compassionate mercy, and goodness that He bestows on us each day. Thank God that He relieved Dan of his suffering and pain. Thank God that Jesus holds Dan safely in His loving protective arms now. Thank God that He holds us as the apple of His eye during our grief. Thank God for healing our pain one day at a time. Thank God for supplying the overcoming strength we need each day to go through our grief successfully. Say simple child-like prayers … express our thoughts, sorrows, and thankfulness like a child talks to God. Keep our prayers simple. Tell God all about our hurt, our confidence in His healing power, and our thankfulness that God will heal our pain in due time. God is good all the time. God loves us even when we hurt. I hope these helps will help you now.

    Sherrie H.


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