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The God of All Comfort

On this day, Tuesday, 23 June, Dan’s ashes are in the house with us.  The cremation has taken place..  I cannot push my feelings down deep inside me today.  I know where his earthly remains are…they are simply ashes.  He is not here.  He is alive.  He cannot come to us, but God has provided a way for us to go to Dan, to spend eternity with God and Dan.    

Walking on the beautiful beach, talking to God, my peace was interrupted by a big boxer that ran up behind me full force and slammed my back hard.  (It is a law that all dogs on Montara Beach must be kept on a leash but some people do not like laws.  Their pets are more important than people.)  I’m hoping that one trip to the chiropractor for an adjustment will fix the problem.I really needed comfort.

Two things happened:  First, a young minister and his beautiful family were on the beach.  Even though he did not see me get hit, he stopped to ask, “How are you?”  This led to he and his wife praying over me for healing of my back, and for my sorrow over losing Dan.  They prayed for my work and loved ones in Romania.  He invited me to come speak to their Women’s Group about God’s work in Romania.  Do you see?  My suffering led to prayers being offered to God for all those who are hurting over losing Dan, and for everyone in the entire country of Romania.

The God of All Comfort spoke to me Tthrough this message that came today:

“Judy and I received the news of Dan’s passing with the mixed feelings.    

May the God of Heaaen and Earth Comfort You

May the God of Heaaen and Earth Comfort You

We were saddened for you and the entire family, yet consoled knowing
that he has now fulfilled God’s purpose for his life.  I know he is
with the Lord, which gives those of us who wait hope for a grand

I do hope that will comfort and sustain you in the days ahead.  I must
tell you that it was Dan whom God used to help me come to more fully
appreciate II Cor. 1, where the apostle Paul speaks of the “God of all
.  I’m sure that he reminded his audiences of that many times,
but for us, it was at the time when Ron Keller was suddenly and
unexpectedly taken from us.  I offer it to you now in the hope that it
will bless you just as it has us.

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father
of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our
troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort
we ourselves have received from God.” II Corinthians 1

Most lovingly,  Mike and Judy ” 

Sharing a meal  after worshipping together in Sfantu Gheorghe

Sharing a meal after worshipping together in Sfantu Gheorghe



To that, I say, “Amen!”  — Anne


Some of you helped Dan give Bibles to the children in Sfantu Gheorghe, RO

Some of you helped Dan give Bibles to the children in Sfantu Gheorghe, RO

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Going Forward

Because of God's Children, this Gypsy teen now ha crutches her size!

Because of God's Children, this Gypsy teen now has crutches her size!

When I read today’s message in God Calling, by A.J. Russell, I blinked!  I have said I do not want to run ahead of the Lord, that I’m praying about when to return to Romania.  I feel that God is definitely showing me in many ways that He agrees with my desire to return.  Today’s message was brief, and “to the point.”

It said, “Go forward fearlessly.  Do not think about the Red Sea that lies ahead.  Be very sure that when you come to it, the waters will part and you will pass over to your promised land of freedom.”   A fleece that I always put before the Lord when I am considering a mission trip is quite simple.  I say, “Lord, if I am not to go on this trip, let there be no seats available at the time I want to travel.”  It has happened that there were no seats…had to change “My” plans.

Last year, when we needed to return to get Dan back to the oncologist, I prayed that the Lord would make seats available.  It is nearly impossible to get upgraded seats in the summer.  When I called Northwest Airlines with my request, they said, “Which day this week do you wish to travel?  There are seats any day this week.”  Prayer makes a difference.  So, I am to go ahead fearlessly…move forward through my grief with God’s help.  

Today before I phoned the accounting department about two statements, I had to get Dan’s Medicare Card from his billfold.  (Today is the first time I’ve opened his billfold since he left us 12 days ago.)  There was his fine face on his driver’s license looking at me. I could not make the phone call.  Seeing his face reminded me of how much I miss him…that we were one, and now half of me is gone.  “Practical” time was lost.  I have to deal with my pain if I am going to heal from my loss.

Later, when I phoned, I was told that even though the statements did not explain it, “the bills were sent to Medicare, and to Dan’s Indemnity Plan.  The balance was applied to his deductible with Cigna Indemnity.  You owe $150.”  In today’s mail, I received a 3rd statement from Cigna Medicare saying the bill was submitted to them, and they were denying the claim because Dan was not on Cigna Medicare at the time of the service!   

My entire evening was spent locating a motel with 2 rooms for some of us to stay on the way to Hobart.  If I were younger, we could make the 4 hour drive with one break.  But at 74, my back needs to get out of the car every hour for a brief walk.  And, my self will do better on Monday if we stop for the night after 3 hours on the road.  

There were other surprises today that mean little plans that I made have to be changed.  Unexpected change?  There has been a lot of that lately.  I must change “my” plans…catch in mid-air the trapeze that God has swung towards me and keep going. God’s Word for me tonight is –

 “For the accuser of our brothers, 
         …has been hurled down.

Erde'ly, Romania, peaceful place to vacation and rest

Erde'ly, Romania, peaceful place to vacation and rest

     They overcame him  by the blood of the Lamb 
      and by the word of their testimony; 
   they did not love their lives so much 
      as to shrink from death. 
Therefore rejoice, you heavens 
      and you who dwell in them! 
   But woe to the earth and the sea, 
      because the devil has gone down to you! 
   He is filled with fury, 
      because he knows that his time is short

— Anne


He thanks you for his adjustable crutches.

He thanks you for his adjustable crutches.


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