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Dan’s Truly Back Home

How I wish each one of you could have shared with us today in the beautiful, loving Memorial Service for Dan at the church in Hobart, Oklahoma, and at the sweet country cemetery near where his walk on this earth began.  Together, Dan’s two sons who were here, placed the handsome marble box containing Dan’s ashes in it’s final resting place  beside his family members who went before him —  his mother’s parents, his father, his brother, and his mother, Juanita.  Dan’s ashes are buried right next to his mother’s grave.  

All of his siblings, their children and grandchildren, as well as a number of relatives on his mother’s side arranged to be with us on this work day.  I have not counted how many people attended, but I’d estimate around 100.

The rest of the afternoon and evening, this large family spent in the church fellowship hall, talking, eating, playing games, remembering Dan, laughing, crying, bonding…together.  We will all be together again in the morning for breakfast as we continue to celebrate Dan’s life and thank God for bringing us to this time as Family.

I’ll close with a message from one of my great encouragers through this long, dark valley —

“The boys and I prayed for you throughout the day, knowing today was the day you were to bury what remains of Dan’s physical body.  We prayed this memorial service there blessed you and that you felt the presence of God in tangible ways….
I know you are grieving the loss of Dan.   I know you will continue to do so.  Never having lost a mate, I cannot know just how gripping that grief can be; how roller-coastering it can seem.  Like Sherrie so abley put it, grief is a process, and it seems to be cyclical.  But there IS recovery in this way:  you WILL find a new norm.  It will take time, but you will.  And I believe with all my heart you will learn to live vibrantly as your gift to the LORD (the alternative only pleases the enemy).  But, take it one day at a time.  This journey/process is part of expanding your trust, refining your faith and clarifying allegiance.  There’s no telling what else the Lord has to teach you….and we’re never to old to have a teachable spirit!
By the way, I wanted to ask you how your study time went with A.  He asked for a toughy.  It is such a necessary one, though.  I hope you get to share questions and answers together in the weeks ahead.  
This day is kind of a special one for me:  it’s my spiritual birthday.  36 years ago I was buried with Christ and raised to new life, my sins forgiven.  God’s goodness!… I’ve been blessed!!  How much more I long to know….

Now…..(sigh)……where do you go from here?  The horizon is wide before you.  Wherever he leads, you follow!  (I reckon he’ll let you walk along the Pacific at least a few more times!!!!)
Blessings on your sleep and on your waking,

Amen — Anne

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