The Beginning of the End

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Today, our eldest son and his sweet wife drove my sister and me back to Texas.  We kept our promise to bury Dan’s ashes in the simple country cemetery in the plains of Southwest Oklahoma.  I still have difficulty grasping the fact that Dan is truly gone from this earth…nothing is left.  But is that true?

Think about it.  What is left?  There is much more left on this earth besides his ashes.  There are hundreds who have the Bible as their Guide, and Jesus as their Lord because Dan cared enough to help them understand God’s will for their life.  There are hundreds of solid marriages because couples came to Dan for Godly counseling.  There are now countless intentional followers of Christ who have studied the great books from his personal library that Dan donated to Ghana Bible College.  

Dan helped establish Lake Cisco Christian Camp in Texas, and Camp Manatawny in Pennsylvania to bless children.  These camps are still going strong.  The Bible Chair where students study God’s Word for College credit at Cisco Junior College is still in operation.  Thousands of Christians in Ghana (W. Africa) can say “thank you” to Dan for helping  The Cedars Church began the work there of presenting the Word of God to the nation of Ghana.

It would be easy to list many more things.  But God knows what Dan accomplished.  That is all that matters. Dan’s labor is finished, but his influence will go on and on passing from generation to generation like the quiet ripples in a lake .  His name will one day be forgotten, but his positive influence for God will go on and on.

And, what about me?  Wednesday we begin sorting what Dan put in storage.  Boxes of business papers must be shredded, and, frankly, I don’t remember what else Dan put in that storage room.  But it must be disposed of one way or the other.  Thursday, I hope to be able to sort and pack things we left at Melissa and Paul’s house.  Some boxes go to Romania, some to California.  This cannot be a time of rest.  This work has to be accomplished before I return to California next Tuesday.

God will help.  How do I know?  Tonight, He gave me this message from His Word in Matthew 8:26,  “Jesus said, ‘You of little faith, why are you so afraid?’ Then He got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm.”  He can calm the storms in the winds and sea…and He will calm the storms in our heart if we but turn to Him. — Anne

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