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Adjusting to Change

Dan is safe.  I’m thankful that he is whole, free of pain.  But each day I am reminded that I must walk on without him.  It was such a strange feeling the last two days sorting through and packing our things that we  here.  We fully intended to return after 6 weeks with our family in California.  I did return 6 months later, but not with Dan.

Sorting through his things, I came upon a small plaque that reads, “The footsteps of a righteous man are guided by the Lord.”  That was talking about my Dan.  Suddenly, I felt ill – a physical pain.  Then the tears and sobs began to pour forth from me.  It seemed to me that he should be there somewhere.  Why was I having to do this without him?

But I was not alone.   Three godly women who had lost a husband were with me.  They packed everything!   One of them asked her fine 2nd husband if he would take the boxes to FedEx.  He could have been taking it easy, but he changed his plans, took about 15 heavy boxes to FedEx. 

He stayed with me through the long, drawn out process of weighing, addressing labels to Romania (for my things), to Searcy (for things for the container going to the Sfantu G Red Cross), to California (our mission, counseling and business records that I have to sort through).  God put these intentional followers of Christ in my life for such a time as this.

I am staying with Judy N. for the next 3 days.  After being on an LST team together in ’07, we are very close.  She had invited us to stay with her when Dan was ill, but it never worked out.  Now she is providing me with shelter.

God let Dan go Home, but He is filling my life with loving friends who see to my every need while I am going through this challenging process…sorting, discarding, shredding, packing, shipping…and remembering the man who helped me walk closer with the Lord.    God is good.  — Anne

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