In Memory of Dan – Part 2

July 9, 2009 at 7:25 am 2 comments

Some who came to the Texas Memorial Service to honor Dan

Some who came to the Texas Memorial Service to honor Dan



by Dr. Dick van Geet, Utrecht, Holland,  (con’t)


“THE BLOOD OF CHRIST  (which blood saves ?)

Speaking about the saving blood of Christ maybe we should not only think of the Cross. Perhaps there is more ‘blood’. Think of the story of the good Samaritan. Along the road between Jericho and Jerusalem, a wounded man was lying probably bleeding seriously. According to Matthew 25: 40 – 45, this suffering man was Christ. Now what happened.  Some people went by on the other side of the road. By doing so they despised the blood of Christ. But the Samaritan who helped him got the blood of ‘Christ’  on his hands. He was purified and saved.



The body is important but real man is in his face. The eyes are the mirror of the soul. Maybe other religions might know something or even a lot about the ‘body’ of God. However, no other religion than Christianity has knowledge about the ‘face’ of God. Only he who has seen the loving eyes of Jesus knows the real God.



1. The basic presuppositions of capitalism are (1) that human nature is good (all evil is supposed to come from outside) or (2) that no meaningful difference could be made between good and evil. The economic crisis and its causes regrettably lteach us otherwise.

 2. Capitalism is to a great extent based on two statements of  Adam Smith : (1) Human beings are primarily motivated by self-interest. (2) Pursuing this interest promotes and coincides with common interest. We should fear that the first is right, but the second wrong. If  Adam Smith tells us that the pursuing of well-understood self-interest by everyone is a sufficient condition for the wellbeing of a society the credit crisis convincingly demonstrates the opposite.

3. If it is true that ‘a tree is known from its fruits’ we could learn from the  causes of the economic crisis that there are quite a lot of rotten trees in our society.

4. It is not difficult to prove that everyone would be better off if everyone would pursue the common interest (‘love your neighbour as yourself’) instead of only pursuing his self-interest.  But therefore we would have to trust each other, and we don’t do that enough.



1. The Bible teaches us: if you have two coats and your neighbour none, give him one. But what if we have three and our neighbour one: should we in this case also give one? Socialists would say: yes. Basic need philosophers say: no. The Bible gives no answer: probably having three coats was   unusual in that time. 

2. ‘Treat your neighbour as you want to be treated yourself’. But don’t we want many things that are neither good for us nor for our neighbour ? “

(to be continued)

The table of photos and photo albums was appreciated by the guests.

The table of photos and photo albums was appreciated by the guests.



About Anne – Today, I began to come out of the fog.  I returned to California Tuesday, but I still can’t bear to open Dan’s closet, or look in his drawer of personal things like his iPod, etc.  I’m thankful the sun drove away the fog that was settling over the Pacific.  That helped me get 2/3’s of my suitcases unpacked and put away.

When fatigue began to settle in, I went to the beach.  The waves were angry, wild, rushing up to the beach crashing loudly.  Sad to say, someone drowned last week.  Now there is a large sign – “DANGER – DUE TO UNPREDICTABLE HIGH WAVES, WADING OR SWIMMING IS NOT ADVISABLE.”  After an hour, the wild sea had made me even more tired, so I came back to the house.  Later, a tasty hot meal and a nice long telephone visit with my North Caroline son turned this into a pleasant day. — Anne

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In Memory of Dan Boyd IN MEMORY OF DAN, Part 3

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  • 1. Charla Arnold  |  July 10, 2009 at 4:21 am

    Hi Anne,
    I LOVE the thoughts! Profound snippets of the essence of Dan’s wisdom.
    I Miss you.
    Love, Charla

    • 2. godschildrenorg  |  July 10, 2009 at 4:29 am

      I miss you too. It was really hard to leave NRH. I felt so much love from my Christian Family. But I am a pilgrim on a journey. The Lord leads me by day and by night…and makes it possible for me to serve Him in distant places.

      The joy of the Lord is my strength.
      Love, Anne


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