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by Dr. Dick van Geet, Utrecht, Holland (con’t.)



 Jesus is either the Son of God or he is a  betrayer. There is no middle course. A prophet can be mistaken, but not someone who says he comes from heaven. He knows what he is saying and if this is not true he is just a betrayer or mentally ill. But is it ever seen that the prophecies of a betrayer or a fool come true or that he can do miracles ?



 Agreed, Christianity looks like a strange ‘answer’ to the human situation. But what could we expect: if we really reflect on our very situation, is it not still much stranger? The mere fact that we exist, that anything exists at all, is that not inconceivable mystery ? And that we don’t know why ? And that we only live so very short, in a transitory body and soon will have to leave  this world ?  Maybe we should rather mistrust all easy answers to such a complicated ‘question’ !


Christianity and other religions.

 1. Maybe the characteristics of and differences between the religions become most clear if we ask where they consider God to be, what his location is. Some say: on holy places. Others: in the nature (or even the sun). Or: In heaven. Or: in all that is living. Or: in every human being etc. Only Christianity says: everywhere but especially in men and women that are suffering and need help.

 2. If you like to get more information about a remote, far-away country, where no one has ever been what would you do ? You could make a lot of investigations by reading books with speculations about that country. Or try to get more insight from radio-messages and other signals or by computer-simulations etc. But suppose you  would meet someone who says he has always lived there. Wouldn’t it not make more sense to ask him how the country is like, where it lays and how you could get there ?



 Anyone who calls himself a Christian should be asked to make clear what he exactly means by saying such a thing. What it is he really believes. Only if we do so. we might hope for sensible discussions.



 Those who are visting their church every sunday but never bring the things they hear there into practice are like people who take swimming lessons all their life but never go into the water. They are like people who visit their doctor every week but never bring his instructions into practice.

(to be continued)

A Shepherd Comforts Anne

A Shepherd Comforts Anne before the Memorial Service


Grandchildren came to honor Dan at the Memorial Service

Grandchildren came to honor Dan at the Memorial Service














Today I finished unpacking the suitcases just in time to unpack two boxes of Dan’s files that we packed one week ago in Texas.  I washed clothes, looked at photos from 30 years ago. One photo of us taken at the Ritz Csrlton in Rancho Mirage during a trip Dan won through outstanding sales for the year.  I think Dan and I looked really good, but our grandson asked, “Who is that???”  Oh, well…….

Tonight, I’ll finish opening mail.  For years Dan took care of  business mail, bookkeeping.  I did that for the first 9 years of our marriage.  But when we were missionaries, our income never covered the cost of living in Holland after we had our third child.  The cost of living continued to rise as it always does…our meager salary remained the same for the entire 5 years we were in Holland.  I could not stand the strain of running out of money each month.  Finally, Dan took it on.  The solution – he made our first bank loan.  We had to help finance our work so we could have the necessities of life.  

Now I have everything I need, but I don’t have Dan.  Scripture says God is husband of the widows.  I trust Him. — Anne

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  • 1. Sherrie Hammond  |  July 11, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    Ahh, the words of youth … “Who’s that?!” I guess, the younger generation just cannot appreciate the “fine art” and good looks of the ’70’s [I say with a sarcastic laugh, haha]. Long side burns and plaid polyester suits … ah yes, I remember their fashion statement well.

    God is the husband of widows, this is true. But Dan is always in your heart. Therefore, Dan never really dies, because all of Dan’s goodness and Dan’s spirit are safely stored away in your heart to treasure now and forevermore. When we practice and keep the good parts of our deceased loved ones alive in our lives, then we keep them alive in our hearts … and benefit from the joyful, good things we learned from them.

    Love, Sherrie H.


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