In Memory of Dan, Part 5

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100 Little Thoughts About God,

Man and Society

by Dr. Dick van Geet, Utrecht, Holland

“Anne,  How nice that you include some ‘little thoughts’ in your blogs! It would even be nicer if there might come any reactions. Especially critical ones would be most welcome, like Dan and I also not always had identical opinions (although we shared quite a lot of convictions). And we could really talk about everything !  — Dick”


1. How many dimensions ?

We know three dimensions. But maybe there ‘are’ much more dimensions than we think, maybe 4, or 5. Or 10 or 100. Why strictly speaking not ? We should realize we have been created in a special way, why should we have been created in such a way that we are capable of seeing all there is ? Therefore we should not be surprised that we cannot see God. Or just see him in a way that is comparable with the way a one- or two-dimensional being sees us: as a flat creature. If this possibility cannot be excluded, it also means that God could guide us in a way we are not capable to understand. Even if it looks at first sight unreasonable or unfair. When you look from below to a lighthouse you get the impression that someone is constantly turning the light on and off; from ‘below’ you can’t see what really happens.

2. There has often been a lot of talk about the ‘fourth dimension‘; especially since Einstein. What about the idea that the Spirit and the Guidance of God is this dimension, being a decisive factor underlying the whole three-dimensional reality ?


If space is just an element of the creation and doesn’t exist outside it, this would mean that God could be unendlessly near to us.


1. A possible danger of religious education could be that answers are given before the questions have come up. Hence the answers could have less power. Only he who has been terribly thirsty can really understand the meaning of water.

2. Asking more from a child than corresponds with his capabilities (e.g. by choosing a too difficult school) means critizing the way he or she is created and hence critisizing God


If time is only existing on this earth, it would mean that there is no time difference between the coming of Christ at the end of history and in our personal life (after our death). The point of time of our death is the same as  the end of history; everything occurs in the same ‘moment.’  The ‘death’ will not have to wait.”

About Anne –  I have so much paper work to do – notify Social Security, Medicare, our secondary health insurance company, and on and on and on.  Tears come easily, but I do not sit in a dark room crying day and night. Some work, some tears – God will help me get to where He wants me to be.  — Anne

Jesus calmed the waves in the sea...and now calms the storms in our lives.

Jesus calmed the waves in the sea...and now calms the storms in our lives.

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